An Anti-Corona Virus compact SUV launched in China

Published On : 17 March 2020
By Ganesh Yaramati

Chinese carmaker recently developed the Anti-Virus compact SUV which is capable of fighting against a deadly virus such as Covid-19. The Chinese carmaker Geely Launched its first-ever compact SUV which has an N-95 certified Air Purification System which is completely capable of handling the Bacteria and Virus that causes the virus to spread across and make it as a pandemic. The car is named Geely's ICON which is popular in the auto market at present. The ICON has got almost above 30,000 preorders before the hours of launch.

ICON was launched online during the perfect time of deadly virus spreading across and it was launched at the time where people where looking for isolation and quarantine zones, the hospitals in China used UV-C to act against virus and bacteria, and the Geely's ICON uses the same technology to fight against the Virus as well. The ICON engine is offered with -

  • 1.5-liter turbo Petrol engine with 7 speed DCT and Powertrain Options

The anti-virus SUV uses low-intensity ultraviolet light UV-C technology to isolate and quarantine the deadly virus and bacteria. This compact SUV is first-ever SUV to come with Geely's Intelligent Air Purification System and works with AC to Isolate and kill the virus and bacteria as well.

The existing cars were capable of fighting against the PM 2.5 particles, but the present virus particles are of 0.2 to 0.05 PM which required the advanced technology to handle the 0.3 particles of COVID-19 & the Geely's ICON is capable of handling this at 0.3 PM.