Automakers seek temporary tax cut to boost demand after coronavirus pandemic

Published On : 18 April 2020
By Tarashekhar Padhy

Automakers in India want a brief tax cut on cars, vans, and motorbikes in addition to incentives to scrap old vehicles, to attempt to boost sales and generate sales after the coronavirus outbreak has brought the financial system to a standstill. Passenger car sales in India decreased by 18% in the last year to end-March 2020, their steepest recorded hit in years, after a weak monetary boom within the country over the past year. That has been compounded by way of a national lockdown to sluggish the unfold of the unconventional coronavirus.

The SIAM, an industry frame whose employees encompass domestic agencies which include MSI and Tata Motors and local gadgets of huge car manufacturers along with Volkswagen AG and Toyota Motor Corp, stated on Friday it has sought authorities aid.

Companies want a transient, 10% cut in tax at the sale of all cars and car components and incentives, within the shape of tax rebates, for car owners to scrap their antique vehicles, SIAM said in a media statement. It did not specify how long it meant by way of temporary.

The automotive industry is the backbone of India's manufacturing zone in phrases of the employment it generates and its monetary contribution.

The coronavirus outbreak has left it in "deep distress", making monetary help and a revival of demand a necessity, SIAM President, Rajan Wadhera said.

In contrast with other businesses, automobile manufacturing has stopped and showrooms had been shut since late March when PM Narendra Modi introduced a 21-day lockdown to comprise the virus' spread. The nationwide lockdown now has been extended until May 3 at least.

The coronavirus is predicted to postpone the recovery of passenger vehicle income, rating business enterprise ICRA said in a note, adding that it expects sales to dealerships to say no via 10%-12% inside the contemporary fiscal 12 months finishing March 2021, after a decline final for 12 months.

Earlier this month, RBI announced measures to deter banks from parking idle budgets with it and spur lending instead, to revive a flagging economy.