Coronavirus: Excise Duty on Petrol, Diesel To Increase By Up To Rs. 8 Per Litre

Published On : 25 March 2020
By Tarashekhar Padhy

As the radical Coronavirus Pandemic gets worse day-by-day, the government has decided to mobilise additional resources that would be important for fighting the lethal disease. The Finance Ministry has determined to make some amendments to the Finance Bill 2020, wherein the authorities might be raising unique extra excise responsibility on petrol and diesel with the aid of up to Rs. 8 in step with litre. Making amendments to the 8th time table of the Finance Act 2002, the government has proposed a hike on petrol costs by means of to Rs. 18 according to litre from Rs. 10 according to litre while the responsibility on diesel will move up from Rs. 4 consistent with litre to Rs. 12 in line with litre. However, it's no longer clear if the government can be the usage of the Rs. 8 consistent with litre hike as a cap to elevate obligations to that stage or would be notifying the growth in one move. By enforcing the new excise duty, the retail charge and diesel may increase by way of Rs. 5 to Rs. 6 consistent with litre whereas the last is maybe borne with the aid of the public area oil market companies which have been decreasing the prices for the petroleum merchandise on day by day basis, which is in-line with the falling global oil expenses.

Notably, the Rs. 8 per litre hike would be a great move for the authorities because it could boost its annual excise series from the world to Rs. 1,20,000 crore. The boom in petroleum products alongside saving over $15-20 billion in oil import bill in the monetary year 2021 will ensure sufficient raise to bring the economic system back to the song after the novel Corona pandemic. It is additionally vital to note that any such growth in petrol and diesel retail expenses could damage the economy, which is already going through a slowdown. Additionally, the rate hike on petrol and diesel will also have a couple of consequences ensuing in a boom of several vital products as well as services that could impact inflation. As per the notice issued by the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs, the unique obligation on gasoline and diesel was elevated to Rs. 10 in line with litre and Rs. 4 consistent with litre respectively. Furthermore, the street and infrastructure cess on petrol and diesel has been hiked with the aid of Rs. 1 in keeping with litre to Rs. 10 in keeping with litre, correctly increasing the primary duty on petrol and diesel to Rs 3 consistent with litre. The new rates got here into effect from March 14. This boom in excise duty of Rs. 8 according to litre can be the highest in the two tenures of the NDA government.

Currently, the whole significant excise obligation on petrol and diesel stands at Rs. 22.98 in keeping with litre and Rs 18.83 in keeping with litre respectively. With a hike of Rs. 8 per litre, these costs would move up notably to Rs. 30.98 in keeping with litre for petrol and Rs. 26.83 inline with litre for diesel. Apart from this, the states also impose VAT on these merchandises.