Coronavirus Impact: Drop-down of car sales in March 2020

Published On : 12 April 2020
By Ganesh Yaramati

Due to the deadly pandemic virus named after Corona Virus COVID-19 which is passing over the continents which have almost reached every corner of the earth. Globally the numbers standing at 17,81,383 cases and death of 1,08,880 and in India the numbers stand at 8,504 and death of 289. The Prime minister of India has announced the complete 21days lockdown of the country from Tuesday, March 24th to April 14. The country has followed the instructions from Government which brought the situation under control to certain extend but the effects of COVID-19 is severed on the economic position of the country, not only in auto sector but also every sector in the country because of complete closure of ongoing operations the auto sector went through Economic Recession, BS6 norms and now with COVID-19 the sales in the automobile sector are completely down in India as well as all over the world.

The Indian car market that was showing some positive growth in January had a setup hopes for a revival but as COVID-19 scare affected the auto expo in Feb, the numbers went down slowly by marching the panic started in March 2020 which leads slowly down the footfalls in the showrooms which give rise to lag the string of falling sales the auto sector in India. Here are the sales dip down of major automakers in India on average of PAN India.

  • Maruti sales figures are down by 47% as compared to last year's March sales. Initially, the sales figures were in a positive growth later the panic brought down the sales completely.

  • Honda Cars India has recorded a sales decline of 78.50% last month at 3697 units as compared to 17,202 units sold in March 2019.

  • Hyundai motors India announced its sales result for March 2020 and the automaker sold of 32,279 units during the previous months and in March the sales where around 3250 units.

  • Tata Motors India sales fell by 84% in March to 11,012 units the automakers had sold 68,727 units in the year-ago period.

  • Mahindra & Mahindra sales dip of 90% in total sales at 7401 in March when compared to 62,592 last year March.

The automobile sector has been experiencing a slump for several months with nearly all manufacturers reporting falling sales due to Pandemic Virus and Economic Slowdown etc. Auto dealers are also facing a halt situation as the Dealers are forced to suspend the operations due to Pandemic Coronavirus. The auto sector and automakers can only come up when the whole market is fully functional and to keep a hold on with customers the Maruti & TATA Motors has announced the extension of free service and warranty for 3 months and the new launches are also planned by all major automakers. Let's hope everything will be normal in no time and we will have full functions back as before.