Coronavirus lockdown: Tata Motors extend Warranty and Service period

Published On : 08 April 2020
By Preethi

As announced by Mr. Surabjit Roy (Senior General manager & Head of customer care) Tata Motors has made the right decision to extend OE warranty and free service period, owing to 21 days nationwide shutdown. Tata car users can now avail of the OE Warranty and free services till 31st July 2020. Well, that seems like a moment of relief for Tata car owners.

Amid the coronavirus outbreak, customers may find it difficult to reach out to the dealers for warranty related issues and to avail free services as claimed, if the service period expires in the lockdown time. As part of the updated vehicle warrant policy, Tata Motors has decided to extend its warranty and free service time period till 31st July 2020 for specified cars whose service and warranty are due to expire between 15th March 2020 and 31st May 2020. Considering the inconvenience caused due to the pandemic, Tata Motors has made this brilliant move. To ensure uninterrupted service and professional assistance, Tata has facilitated its digital platform by allowing Tata car owners to directly reach out to the customer care (24X7) or by logging on to the official website. Further announcements regarding car sales and test drives will be made later. As of now, Tata plants have suspended operations due to nationwide lockdown.

Most customers have welcomed this move by Tata and have requested their car manufacturers to offer any beneficial resolution. Following the footprints of Tata Motors, other carmakers like Mahindra have come forward to offer the same resolutions. Move like this is the need of the hour. Furthermore, Tata trust has recently donated Rs.500 Crore to fight COVID-19 which is taking down the entire world. Tata Motors is doing the best they can to curb the virus outbreak. Now let's do our part by practicing social distancing and make our donation to PM CARE Relief fund. Stay home and stay safe.

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