COVID-19: Hyundai Motors has announced Rs 5 Crores aid to fight against the pandemic

Published On : 15 April 2020
By Ganesh Yaramati

Hyundai Motors India donated Rs 5 crores to Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Relief Fund to aid the fight against the pandemic COVID-19 and also through Hyundai cares program the Hyundai Motors India has taken certain initiatives aimed at promoting safety and welfare of there employees and customers as well. The various initiatives include- Dealerships will ensure adherence to local health and safety guidelines given by the government and as a part of customers support 24X7 assistance in case of emergency and Hyundai Motors India has also taken the steps to ensure customer satisfaction by extending the Warrant and Free Service dates by 2 months ahead.

Also for customer support, the Hyundai Motors have set up 1000 doorstep advantage bikes and emergency road service cars for the assistance of customers. Apart from RS 5 cr, Hyundai Motors India has provided assistance to fight against the COVID-19 in the following ways.

  • Hyundai will be providing PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), Masks and Other Safety Kits imported from South Korea to Health authorities.

  • Hyundai Motors India will provide ration to poor and migrant labor.

  • In co-operation with local Ventilator Manufacturer, the Hyundai Motors are ensuring the speedy delivery of required medical equipment and critical life-saving devices.

In the recent announcement, the Hyundai Motors CSR Wing mentioned the assistance to COVID-19 and also Hyundai cares program is ensuring the safety of employees and customers as well. We expect more automakers and other sector high profile industries to assist the fight against the pandemic COVID-19.