Government extends Third-Party Auto Insurance renewal deadline to May 15th, 2020

Published On : 19 April 2020
By Ganesh Yaramati

According to WHO authorities the current situation in India is under control and the Government of India has taken a strict measure to bring the situation under control as of now the cases are at 16,063 and deaths at 521 people in India. In a recent announcement by Prime Minister of India as announced the extension of lockdown to 3rd May 2020 although he mentioned the country is divided into different zones like Red Green etc. and after April 20th the relief measures will be announced by State Governments according to the Situation prevailing in the States. The ministry of finance also announced the extension of the Renewal deadline for Third-party auto Insurance and also Health insurance policies.

The notification as been given by Ministry of finance on 16th of April 2020 on extending the renewal dates of auto insurance and health insurance policies in the country due to the current situation and outbreak of COVID-19 due to lockdown situation in almost 170 districts in the Country the customers are unable to make the payments for Renewal of Third-party Auto Insurance and premium for other health policies as well. The extension has been given till May 15th, 2020 as the original date of renewal was on 21st April 2020.

The third-party Auto insurance which is to be paid on time from march 25th to may 3rd 2020 will be given time till May 15th, 2020 the deadline for all other insurance also been extended till 15th May 2020 who are unable to make payment of their renewal and premium on time because of the current situation in the country like India as a result of deadly disease (COVID-19), are allowed to make payment for renewal of policies to their insurers on or before the 15th May 2020 to make sure continuity of the vehicle third party insurance cover from the date on which the policy falls due for payment so that any valid claim triggered during the grace period can be paid on time.