Honda resumes its operations at Wuhan plant (China)

Published On : 10 April 2020
By Preethi

In view of improving conditions, Honda & Dongfeng Motor group's joint venture facility located in Wuhan province has resumed full operations from 8th April 2020.

  • Almost 98% of 12,000 workers re-join.

  • To work 1.5 hours more to compensate for lost production.

  • Temperature checkpoints and mandatory mask to ensure safety in the workplace.

The Joint venture facility in Wuhan which has suspended operations from late January 2020 gave a nod to reopening of the facility in stages, has resumed partial operations from 11th March 2020 after obtaining permission from local authorities. Honda has aimed to restart its production in full swing as the facility has resumed full operation from 8th April 2020 by following safety hazards.

Re-joined employees were asked to report where they had been since the epidemic outbreak. To ensure the safety of the workforce as well as the work floor, the facility has installed Temperature checkpoints and posters requesting employees to maintain more than a meter distance. Employees are required to wear a mask at all times. According to Reuter's reports, the workers can be seen wearing white overalls, rubber gloves, and masks.

Almost 98% of the 12000 workers in the Wuhan facility re-joined and have been working overtime to make up for lost production. According to reports Mr. Li Shiquan, Assistant director of the Joint venture said: “We have customers who are waiting for cars so this week we have arranged for each worker to work 1.5 hours more". The typical shift is 8 hours. Due to increased demand, the workers are asked to work 1.5 hours more. A sign hanging on the factory ceiling saying the goal was 1237 cars for the day which is 17% higher than the 1060 units, that the facility usually produced. The No.2 Final assembly plant has set a record for producing 8 lakh cars last year.

As the major manufacturing base for domestic autos and parts in China, Hubei manufactured 2.24 million cars in 2019. The joint venture has 3 facilities in Hubei and has produced 800000 cars last year accounting for 49% of Hubei output in 2019. As on 22nd March, more than nearly 450 large industrial enterprises had restarted operations post lockdown.