Hyundai Motors set to take the Indian market with EV plans

Published On : 12 February 2020
By Tarashekhar Padhy

Korean automaker Hyundai Motor, in India, is within the method of developing an electric vehicle within the next two-three years to serve the mass market, a prime official of the corporate has aforesaid.

On Thursday, the automobile major unrolled its 3 millionths 'Made in India' automobile being shipped to overseas market from its producing unit at Sriperumbudur close to here.

After formally approving on the bonnet of the 3 millionth automobile that was unveiled at the fest, Hyundai Motor's decision-maker S S Kim aforesaid the corporate was developing a mass-market electrical vehicle for India.

"That is introduced in 2 - 3 years. In terms of value it'll be affordable", he told reporters while not being specific on the worth.

Hyundai Motor had, in 2019, introduced the electrical vehicle 'Kona' priced at around Rs 25L. the corporate has claimed the vehicle delivers a spread of 452 km during a single charge below customary testing conditions.

Globally, the corporate has oversubscribed over 15k units in markets like North American country, USA, Europe, Russia, Korea, and Australia.

He aforesaid the corporate additionally began shipping the Aura vary of cars to overseas market beginning with Colombia.

Around one hundred thirty units of Aura would be shipped within the 1st heap, a corporation official aforesaid.

According to Kim, the rollout of the 3 millionth automobile was the quickest since the beginning of the unit in 1998.

"The quickest 'Made in India' 3 millionth export automobile rollout may be a vital milestone because it showcases the world success story for Hyundai," he said.

"We started our export operations in 1999 and crossed many milestones. We tend to give thanks to all our international customers and overseas distributors for all their trust," he said. HMIL began commerce cars in 1999 with the primary batch comprising twenty units of in style hatchback 'Santro' shipped to the Asian nation.

In October 2004, the corporate reached the primary milestone of commerce of making 1L cars.

In March 2008, the corporate exported its 5L automobile followed by a 10L automobile and then twenty automobiles in February 2010 and March 2014 in that order.

In March 2008, the corporate exported its 5L automobile followed by a 10L automobile and then twenty automobiles in February 2010 and March 2014 in that order.

Currently, a Hyundai automobile is made each thirty-three seconds at the facility, a politician aforesaid.

In 2019, Hyundai Motor shipped 181L units with 792 tailored variants per country-specific preference and demand, Kim, UN agency is additionally the company's CEO, aforesaid at an occasion within the producing facility.

With a market share of twenty-six percent in 2019 to the entire exports of traveler cars from India only, Hyundai has been a major contributor to the Indian auto industry, he said.

Kim aforesaid the corporate, throughout the last 20 years, had invested with Rs 24k crores in its producing unit.

The company has already proclaimed Rs 700 crores of extra investments, that embrace new product launches and power train sweetening, he added.

Chennai Port Trust chairman P Raveendran, UN agency was a gift on the occasion, congratulated the Hyundai Motor Republic of India for reaching the export milestone.

He aforesaid the Port Trust started that specialize in 3 Cs - containers, cars, and cruise.

Hyundai Motor(India) also ships thirteen different models of cars, old and new, across segments, together with the electrical vehicle 'Kona', to eighty-eight countries within the continents of Africa, Middle-East, Latin America, Australia and also in the Asia-Pacific.

HMIL has 515 authorized dealers and 1329 registered service centers across this country.