Indian Government implements BS-VI emission standard amidst Coronavirus lockdown

Published On : 01 April 2020
By Preethi

As announced by the Supreme Court of India, the BS-VI emission standards are implemented from today April 1st, 2020 with no longer extension amid the Coronavirus outbreak and nationwide lockdown. Besides, the oil industries like Hindustan Petroleum and IOCL have started rolling out the new ultra-clean BS-VI fuels in Delhi and major NCR a few days ago.

In view of environmental concerns, Centre for Pollution Control Board (CPCB) and the Ministry of Environment have formulated a stringent reduction in tailpipe emissions on par with EURO standards. CPCB skipped the BS-V emission standard and directly shifted to the BS-VI emission standard to curb the rising air pollution level.

According to the newer standard in the case of the petrol engine, the NOx emission has been cut down from 80mg/Km to 60mg/Km with a reduction of 25% less NOx emission. On the other hand, the diesel engine is the major contributor to NOx emission has been slashed by 80% almost from 250mg/Km to 70mg/Km. The Particulate matter (PM) content has been cut down from 50ppm to 10ppm in the Petrol engine and from 25mg/Km to 4.5mg/Km in a Diesel engine. The Sulphur content has been kept to a minimum of 10ppm in Petrol as well as diesel cars. In fact, the new emission standard is expected to cut down the pollution level by 25% and 70% in Petrol and Diesel cars than their BS-IV counterparts. The presence of Onboard Diagnostics (OBD) and Real driving emission (RDE) has been installed on all vehicles that will enable real-time access to emission.

Automakers have started selling BS-VI compliant vehicles months before, ahead of the BS-VI deadline. Maruti Suzuki claims to have sold over 2 Lakh BS-VI cars already. Meanwhile, the manufactured BS-IV vehicles have been given the deadline to be sold or registered before April 1st, 2020. However due to a nationwide shutdown for 21 days, the sales figure isn't met and the Apex court has given 10 days extension post lockdown to sell 10% of the stocked vehicles. So if you're waiting for the right time to buy your bike or car (Petrol), this is it. As the automakers are offering high discounts to sell their stocked vehicles. It has been found that, if you use BS-VI Petrol in your BS-IV vehicle there's no effect on performance so you can own your Petrol car/ bike with high discounts from your nearest dealer. In the case of Diesel vehicles, you can't do so; using BS-VI fuel in BS-IV cars can affect your car's performance in an adverse way. The cost of upgrading the existing BS-IV Diesel engine to BS-VI engines is so costly that requires the installation of new hardware for cutting down the Tail-pipe emission. Further, the price hike may go as high as 1Lakh than their BS-IV counterpart, driving the customers away from Diesel cars. This is the prime reason why Automakers have decided to come up with a new line up of Diesel vehicles with a new heart instead of modifying the existing one.

Sources reveal that out of 86 Diesel cars in the market, 42 cars have been moved out of the market owing to this reason. Currently, Kia Motors, Hyundai and some top brands like Mercedes are offering the Diesel variants. Volkswagen and Fiat cars have completely pulled off the Diesel variants from their portfolio. Clearly, the Diesel industry has taken a major setback. The carmakers have promised to make their comeback in the next quarter maybe, but their current focus being strictly on BS-VI cars especially Petrol variants. Soon we can expect the Diesel cars back in the market at an affordable price. Stay tuned for further updates.