List of discount on BS4 cars

Published On : 13 March 2020
By Ganesh Yaramati

The Auto sector India is going through a slump where the car-makers have faced even zero sales. The slump is another part for the car-makers and now the government norms to change vehicles from BS4 to BS6 are the major playback for car-makers although the newly launched are confined to BS6 norms, the stock of BS4 vehicles still exist as the recession continues in the Auto sector in India. Due to that the car-makers are in a hurry to clear up the stock of BS4 with a cash discount, Exchange offers, and Corporate Bonus. The offers are at dealership level only so it may vary dealer to dealer. Here is an overview of certain brands with a high amount of discounts. All the below mentioned prices are on average in PAN India.

1. Toyota Kirloskar Motors

Toyota Kirloskar Motors, The Japanese car-makers have faced almost zero sales in certain months of the fiscal year. This time Toyota has offered a big discount on certain successful models of Toyota. Toyota offers are starting from 25000-30000 on exchange and even corporate Bonus including as well.

2. Maruti Suzuki India Limited

Although Maruti has seen a regular sale during the recession period due to its vast service network. The BS4 vehicles stocks are still with the carmaker, Maruti is now taking care of clearing the stocks of BS4 vehicles. Here are the highlights where Maruti Suzuki is offering -

3. TATA Motors

The TATA Motors has improved its expectations by launching the safest five stars rated car TATA Nexon, high-end Luxuries SUVs i.e. Hexa and Harrier. The deadline for BS4 norms is closing, so the TATA has started clearing the stocks of BS4 vehicles with a huge amount of cash discounts and exchanges as well. Here are the offers from TATA -

4. Hyundai Motors India Motors

The second-largest Automaker is launching all the different cars in different segments. Although Hyundai was also affected by the recession in the auto sector, there was a lack of sales in different car segments. This time the Hyundai has come up with the following offers to clear up the BS4 stocks.

5. Mahindra and Mahindra

Mahindra is yet to launch different updated models in existing cars with a facelift and next-generation technology. Mahindra has also faced a recession. The Mahindra is now offering big discounts to clear BS4 stocks and to bring in BS6 vehicles.

6. Volkswagen

The German car-maker has now recently launched the Volkswagen Tiguan AllSpace on March 6th with the BS6 engine. Volkswagen is also giving attractive discounts to clear BS4 vehicle stock.

7. Honda cars India

Honda cars India has seen worst sales in the last fiscal year and all the BS4 vehicles were dispatched to dealers before months to improve the production of BS6 vehicles, but sales of BS4 were not up the mark, so the huge discounts are now offered.

8. Ford Motors

Ford has also offered varied discounts on BS4 vehicles. Here are the few highlights where Ford is offering in its different car segments.

9. Skoda

Skoda is also in the race to sell out the existing stock of BS4 vehicles in different car segments. Here are the highlights of Skoda offers.

Although all the brands including Premium Luxuries Brands such as- BMW, Audi, etc. are also offering huge discounts to clear stock of BS4 vehicles that are reaching the deadline in the next 18 days even there may be a chance of extension of BS4 norms deadline. The Auto-makers are in a hurry to clear out the existing BS4 vehicle stocks and there may be relief from the government to save the automakers who are already in the last stage of recession. On the other hand, the decision is with customers to clear out the BS4 vehicles with availing big discounts and offers by the Auto-Makers.