Owning a Mercedes could be hard on your pocket from Jan ‘20

Published On : 16 December 2019
By Tarashekhar Padhy

  • Result of economic crisis

  • Will be applied to all showrooms

  • Could be as much as 3%

  • May add some new features

If you are planning to treat yourself with a luxurious German Merc, your wallet may get a bigger blow than you think. After reviewing the economic fiasco since the past few months, Mercedes Benz India's Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Martin Schwenk have come to conclusion that they need to increase prices by as much as 3% to keep them floating in these dire economic circumstances. This hike will be directly applied to ex-showroom prices and have resulted because of the increased material and maintenance costs of the Mercs. In an attempt to keep the prospective buyers interested, they have decided to add some new features like On-road assistance are available on the newer models to justify the price hikes.

  • Tailored financial offers to woo new buyers

  • Finance bodies like Star Finance are in sync with the automaker

  • Similar announcements from other companies

In order to fit the economic model of maximum customers, Merc India is also coming up with carefully curated finance options to reel in new buyers and have partnered with many finance bodies like Star Finance and Wish Box in order to provide lucrative deals to probable buyers. Other foreign automakers like Nissan, Toyota and Hyundai have been showing signs that they might also be jacking up the prices in order to sustain their business.

So, if you are planning to own a Merc, now is the best time.