Tips to keep your car clean and sanitized during Coronavirus lockdown

Published On : 28 March 2020
By Preethi

Covid-19, the most spoken and heard word in recent times. Be it social media or TV News or your neighborhood, the Covid-19 is taking the world by storm. Let's not panic. The situation is under control as long as we keep our surroundings clean, sanitized and practice social distancing.

If you own a car, your car will obviously come under the surrounding. Nothing will happen to your car if you keep it clean. But if not cleaned properly, your car could be a hotbed for Coronavirus, other infections, and germs. Owing to this reason, we suggest disinfecting wipes to clean the interior of your car, but before that do remember to wash your hands using hand sanitizer before starting the cleaning work. So, we're here to help you out in times like this to keep your car clean and sanitized to ensure an extra level of safety.

Prioritize high touch area

You can begin by going through the interior of the car, and make your list of high touch areas. These include a Steering wheel, center console armrest, cup holder, Touch screen infotainment, Radio control, Voice control, Cruise control, Push button start, Paddle shift levers, Wiper controls, gear selector lever and Turn indicators, AC vents, and door grab handles. Do you know that your steering wheel hosts 4 times more germs than the average amount of germs found in public toilet seat according to ExpediaTravelGroup's website. So you're going to spend extra time on that one. Then make a list of high touch areas based on their usage. For instance, you may tune radio unintentionally while driving the car.

What products to use?

Alcohol works best for your interior cabin. Isopropyl alcohol is a proven disinfectant for safe use on most car interior surface. Almost all Volvo cars use this disinfectant to wipe off any stains during servicing. Isopropyl alcohol has been effective in removing any stain, smudges, residues as well as bacteria and viruses. Use microfiber cloth if you have one. Not only do they do a great job of trapping dirt, but also prevent scratches. Or simply, a solution of soap and water works if you can't find any alcohol-based cleaners.

What you should avoid?

Chemicals like Bleach or Hydrogen Peroxide are a strict no-no for Interior cabin disinfectant. Of course, they'll put an end to germs, but it can damage the vinyl and plastics used in most modern vehicles. Basically, they do more harm than good. Also, you have to stay away from Ammonia-based products like used in Blue glass cleaners. Ammonia breaks down the vinyl on the dashboard, making it sticky when exposed to heat and light. Avoid glass cleaners for cleaning touch screen display as it damages the anti-glare coating.

Precautionary measures

Before getting into the car make sure to wash your hands with alcohol-based hand sanitizer or with soap. Wear disposable gloves to protect yourself from harsh chemicals and germs. Read your car's manual for specific instructions. Any mishaps during cleaning may damage the interior cabin.

Clean and Disinfect

  • Now, start with the steering wheel. Wipe off the stains if any, using the microfiber cloth. Then use Alcohol cleaners as a disinfectant and wash it off with soft clothes.

  • Use an only microfiber cloth or soft cloth to wipe the Touch screen display.

  • Use disinfectant wipes to clean the door handles and grab handles.

  • Use a microfiber cloth to clean the paddle-shift levers, cup holders, center console armrest and disinfectant wipes for gear shift lever as it is more prone to germ infections.

  • Don't forget to clean your trunk, floor mat, and AC vents as well.

  • For leather steering wheels, make sure to use just the right amount of soap water to clean the seats.

  • If not, the water may soak through the fabric and lead to yeast formation like when you open the window during the rain.

  • While car interiors are built to be a durable and hard surface, rubbing hard cloth may cause scratches or even discoloration. Be careful with that.

Practice social distancing with your car

Avoid allowing others to drive your car, for instance, valet. At fuel stations, maintain 1m distance from pump attendants and be cautious when paying cash or you can use the digital payment to avoid that. Guess now you're aware of how to clean and disinfect your car in times like this. Prevention is better than cure —œ Exercise personal hygiene, always keep hand sanitizers, Tissues, and disposable wipes in handy to avoid infections. Don't forget to wash your hands on an hourly basis. Practice social distancing. Stay safe in-home until the situation is under control. Step out of home only if it's necessary or emergency.